different types of car insurance Kenya

What Are The Various Types of Car Insurance in Kenya?

When the costs of buying a car are considered, people usually consider the cost of purchase and maintenance. While these are very important factors in buying a car, there is also the aspect of intangible costs. These costs can not

Best educational insurance in Kenya

Educational Insurance and its Purposes

Educational insurance in Kenya plan is a guarantee by the insurance company that the university fee is given to the insurer. Education insurance is an insurance plan which helps secure a child’s educational needs. The parent or the legal guardian

Detail look at Professional Indemnity Insurance in Kenya

A Detailed Look At Professional Indemnity Insurance In Kenya

Insurance is required for any organization or person since it provides a safety net when it comes to intangible unfortunate events that can happen in the future. No organization which employs professionals however profitable or big is immune to these

Why need Life insurance policy in Kenya

Why Life Insurance Policy in Kenya

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has put many questions in front of people. The latest situation paved the way to think living as the primary basic priority to human existence. An efficient financial backing in the long-term assists you

best medical insurance companies in Kenya

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Medical Insurance Cover in Kenya

To every human being, health is considered as the primary asset over everything. Maintaining good health is important to human wellbeing. This is the reason why health insurance is considered relevant around the globe. Similarly, in Kenya, a number of medical

Comprehensive car insurance in Kenya

Comprehensive Car Insurance Kenya – Types & Coverage Options

How to Purchase the Best Comprehensive Insurance Cover in Kenya During recent times, insurance is a crucial matter as everything can be insured, such as health, property, assets, etc. In Kenya, car insurance is important as people are keen to

Why Health Insurance is mandatory in Kenya

Why Health Insurance is mandatory in Kenya

Life as we know it tends to be uncertain and thus insurance companies have sprung up to help solve the financial problems of people. The way they do it is simple. For example in health insurance, they collect regular sums